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» Nasir

spartacus: vengeance ep.03


1. Nasir’s puckered lips relaxing the moment Agron bites and pulls on his lips—like he just gives up and gives in and lets Agron tugs on his bottom lip.

2. Agron doesn’t just tugs on Nasir’s lip, he actually pulls his entire head forward, and Nasir goes willingly. Fucking nnngngnng

3. Nasir’s flailing hand — “omg omg where do I put my hand?? his cheek? his shoulder? gahd he’s biting on my lip, idfc anymore”

4. Agron’s scrunched up expression as he pulls on that lip — so much intent and determination. Like he wants to tug it as far out as possible just to hear the gasp from Nasir as it snaps back and swells up little before he dives back in to soothe it with his own lips and tongue.

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(Source: pelennors)

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I will kiss your scars as you heal, while I sit by your side and hold your hands.

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1. Life for Sale, Love for Keeps by Raven.Borgia
Chapters: 20/?
Rated: M
Every week, the gladiators receive coin towards wine, whores or savings. What happens when Agron meets Tanis, a Syrian prostitute he puts coin towards one night? Who is the boy? What will happen to their developing love…

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» Nagron

spartacus: war of the damned ep.01

● make me choose meme: Agron & Nasir, Barca & Pietros or Mira & Saxa?


Chapter 4 of When It Helps, When it Hurts: “Dinner Extraordinaire” is up! 

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